Is Downtown Life Giving You That Claustrophobic Feeling?

While condo living once energized us with its busy downtown lifestyle and a plethora of urban activities, it now has many of us feeling cooped up like a caged bird. Due to the pandemic, urban entertainment options have shrunk, and many of us don’t want to risk going into bars and restaurants anymore. In response to the pandemic, many are seeking a more rural lifestyle which offers peace, beauty and more healthy environment.

Personal safety, family health, and the new reality that we’re no longer tethered to our place of work, frees us from the daily commute, which was the main reason many people chose to live downtown in the first place. Many now see working from home as their long term reality and are considering the new lifestyle benefits offered by rural living.  Studies show that most workers expect to continue working from home after the pandemic passes.

The real estate market is moving along with these changes – couples of all ages are fleeing the city’s core and seeking the refuge of rural areas, where they can have more space inside their homes for the same price as city living.  Rural lifestyle offers more opportunity for social distancing and fresh air lessons the chance of becoming infected.  Plus, with both partners working from home, having an larger living space with 2 home offices now seems like a must have, whereas just a few months ago, it had not entered many couple’s wildest dreams.


So, where are we headed? More people are exploring the beautiful small towns that lie just outside our congested cities, as they are still close enough to friends and family, and they offer lifestyle and health benefits associated with more spacious homes and in a healthier rural environment. Forest views, waterfront views – these are now viable lifestyle options, as we’re not saddled with our daily commute anymore.

Braeburn Estates by Burnstown offers a fabulous rural lifestyle, just 35 minutes from West Ottawa on the beautiful Madawaska River. At Braeburn all custom home sites have deeded waterfront ownership in Braeburn Dockside, which will have docks and decks, and canoe/kayak rack, and a gazebo. Braeburn’s home site offers a 360° panoramic forest and waterfront view, and a healthy lifestyle. Burnstown is a historic artist community in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, close to Renfrew, Arnprior, local hospitals, and many retail amenities. Check and book a visit or Call if you are looking for an waterfront view home.

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